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Added on September 2, 2009 by Buddy Apps

- Auto-generated grade book per class
- Archive courses when they are completed
- Grade analysis tool
- Calendar, add and display due tasks quickly
- Schedule Tool, displays upcoming sessions first
- Notepad, take quick notes about your courses
- Facebook Course Communication Tool, communicate with classmates
- Post/Buy Books using Facebook, according to courses
- Gorgeous UI (Really tried to make it flow with simplicity in mind)

School Buddy is an essential sidekick for students with simplicity in mind. Start out by adding a course and see what others may have posted about it on Facebook. Even check out if someone nearby is selling their books in the Facebook Book Store at the end of the year to avoid those high costs from the book store! And from there, student receives his schedule, he can easily add multiple sessions at once and let it display your upcoming class right at the top of the list in your schedule!

No more entering a single assignment at a time to create a grade book! Tell School Buddy what type of assignments are expected, number of assignments, their point value and overall weight, then let it generate a grade book for all your assignments at once. From there you can set the score and due dates for all your assignments!

As the student uses School Buddy, the overall grades will adjust within each course and assignment category as each grade is entered. And when exam time comes around, Pull out the analysis tool and adjust your grades in endless possibilities while it reflects on your overall grade. As you adjust each assignment category, School Buddy will even tell you how many assignments are remaining on top of the average score you need to get!!! No more need to pull out the calculator and waist time doing it manually!

Once you begin tracking your grades with this application you will unlock potential for success in all your school tasks. I assure you will never look at your grades the same.

Download School Buddy Free from the App Store to test out with a couple courses :)
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