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19 Educational Geographic apps in one: World Countries Factbook (CIA, WIkipedia, Anthems, Maps, Flags, Capitals), Wikitravel (offline travel guides for all countries), Photos, News, World Leaders, Holidays, World Map, Continental maps, Flags, Guess the Flag game, Flags Memory Match Game, 4 types of Quizzes: capitals, maps, flags and trivia, Historical Maps, World Wonders, Famous Places, Rankings, 2 Flash cards apps.

"World Countries Makes Learning Easy and Provides Detailed Information at the Same Time" -

"Very useful and well worth the money!"
"Awesome. Love it. Must have"
"Really terrific for an adult who wants to improve him/herself"
- from US customers reviews

Oct 09: Top 100 paid app in 8 countries. Top 10 educational app in 31 countries. Top 100 educational app worldwide.

Use this app to learn about countries, check yourself and your friends, play with other people and even improve your memorizing skills.

Features summary:
✓ Pocket reference for 260 world countries and regions. Offline. No internet connection needed. Includes:
Factbook - CIA The World Factbook by CIA, WIkipedia, Anthems, Maps, Flags, Capitals.
Wikitravel - travel guides for 247 countries/territories
✓ World Photos - browse real country photos
✓ World News - current new from selected country
✓ World Map - large political map of the World
✓ Country Maps - 260 maps of countries
✓ Continents - large maps of continents
✓ Quiz games - Capitals, Flags, Maps, Trivia
✓ Flags - World Flags reference
✓ Flags memory match game
✓ Guess the Flag game
✓ Countries flash cards
✓ Historical Maps - 25 great historical worls maps. See the world from 600 BC
✓ World Leaders
✓ Holidays
✓ World Wonders, Famous Places
✓ Flashcards+

Additional features:
✓ Select any combination of regions - Asia, Africa, Europe, America, Oceania
✓ Send info or maps by Email from the application
✓ Copy info to clipboard
✓ Adjustable font size

OpenFeint integrated:
✓ Compare your Quiz scores and Games results versus other players and your friends (facebook/twitter)
✓ Invite and challenge your friends
✓ Post your achievements to facebook and twitter

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World Countries is under active development. We are constantly adding new applications and content.

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