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Added on October 22, 2009 by Amazi Games LLC

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Ever wanted a quick "no fuss" puzzle game that will keep you perplexed for weeks! Whether you have just a couple of minutes or a spare hour you'll find yourself coming back for more! It's a perfect game for long road trips or getting through those boring meetings!

This will probably be one of the MOST ADDICTIVE puzzle games you'll ever play on your iPhone!


The objective of the game is simple, move and rotate tiles so that all the outside edges are grey and all the inside edges match in color.


There are 56 puzzles spread over 5 difficulties - these range from very easy all the way up to the ultimate "Insane" mega puzzle! (and we will be adding many more puzzles to all difficulty levels in future updates).


To start play, tap in the center of the puzzle or select the play option from the lower menu bar - the puzzle will zoom into play.


The controls for Insanity are truly intuitive, smooth and very responsive. To move tiles hold and move your finger over the tile you wish to move - then release your finger over any piece you wish to switch it with. A single tap on a tile will rotate it 90 degrees.

Tiles can also be dragged outside of the puzzle borders where you can sort them just like you would a regular jigsaw puzzle.


To jump back to the menu just hold your finger down for half a second anywhere on the puzzle.

Puzzles can be selected by tapping on the left or right arrows, or you can jump difficulties by tapping on the current difficulty in the top right menu bar.


There is also a hint option which will lock pieces in their correct position and orientation and if you truly get stuck you can find the solutions for each of the puzzles on the website :


All puzzles & tiles are saved and it will jump straight back to the last one your were playing upon reloading the app.


No clocks or points to beat, just the epic feeling of achievement when you solve some of the harder puzzles!!!


We would appreciate any & all feedback, we want to make this puzzle game one of your favorite puzzle games on the iPhone. Please if you get the time send us an email to say what you like and what you'd like to see improved!

Good luck and enjoy the puzzles!!!


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